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Vegetarianism: Peace or Propaganda?

T’is the season of goodwill, apparently – though the grimacing countenances of those circling the car parks looking for an available space would have you believe otherwise.  It’s also the season of turkey and as a vegetarian I’ve grown used to comments such as ‘what do you eat then?’ which multiply exponentially at Christmas time.

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Hark! The Herald Angels….Are Harking Back To Childhood

I read an article recently where an author wrote of her Catholic upbringing and of learning the catechism – the tenets of Christian doctrine – which she can still recite many years later.

 My response was immediate empathy and instant transportation back to my own childhood, where rote-learning of the catechism was standard and its absorption considered essential to be eligible for confirmation.  I can’t claim to recall it all, but there is so much that even now (decades later) that I can recite verbatim.

Although I made a considered decision in my teens to leave that aspect of my life behind and have never returned, I continue to be amazed by the way it seeps into my consciousness in both expected and unexpected ways.

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