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Indelibly imprinted on my subconscious….

Early in the New Year I spent a few days in Seville, which apart from being the most amazing fusion of architectural styles and influences, managed to frequently transport me back to my childhood. Continue reading


Hark! The Herald Angels….Are Harking Back To Childhood

I read an article recently where an author wrote of her Catholic upbringing and of learning the catechism – the tenets of Christian doctrine – which she can still recite many years later.

 My response was immediate empathy and instant transportation back to my own childhood, where rote-learning of the catechism was standard and its absorption considered essential to be eligible for confirmation.  I can’t claim to recall it all, but there is so much that even now (decades later) that I can recite verbatim.

Although I made a considered decision in my teens to leave that aspect of my life behind and have never returned, I continue to be amazed by the way it seeps into my consciousness in both expected and unexpected ways.

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Notes In The Margins

I adore books. All books. No matter what the subject matter, I love their feel, their smell, the promise of what’s contained within, the delight of discovery.

I love being in bookshops, in the library, immersed in the written word.

It’s this enduring love affair that’s aroused my curiosity about the early conditioning of childhood and how we overturn it – or not.

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