Social Media and Me

Currently I use Twitter and  LinkedIn.

Twitter  The people I follow and list on Twitter are those with a direct connection to my writing and interests, so for example there are lots of other writers, editors and those with input on independent travel, the Arts and music, as well as some terrific communicators and innovators.   All this keeps me busy (and interested) enough, so thankfully I’m not remotely bothered about who’s in (or out) of the Big Brother House, reality TV, or which popstar poppet was drunk as a skunk at 3 a.m.

LinkedIn is great for connecting, as well as keeping a watchful eye on various groups that I’ve linked to which are a mine of information and advice, as well as an opportunity to contribute to discussions.

#PassionateAboutParis does exactly what it says on the tin.  This is a twitter signpost to blog posts sharing info from one who is passionate about Paris and regularly needs to be dissuaded from leaping onboard the next train.  Hints, tips, what’s on and news with an insider slant.

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