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Graffiti Art Divides Councils’ Opinion – The Guardian

Is graffiti a renegade art form or a public nuisance? Hackney council is demanding a giant rabbit be whitewashed while Brighton is using graffiti as advertising….

Routes: The Teenage Highway Code – RoSPA Safety Education Journal

Routes – the Teenage Highway Code is an interactive and engaging update on road safety for the 21st century…..

Rock Music

Mourning Glory – The Word magazine

Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris has a permanent guard to protect it. But what does he mean to the candle-burning faithful who weren’t born when he died 40 years ago?


Rouen: the jewel in Normandy’s crown – Great Escapes Travel

Densely packed with half-timbered houses, architectural gems and soaring spires, the medieval city centre of Rouen is a meeting point for both art and history with a flourishing cultural vibe as well as great restaurants, shopping and nightlife.

Antibes – Where and Now

Perched on the shore of the Baie des Anges and lapped by its turquoise waters, steeped in history and art, a foodie’s delight with a safe beach, over 300 days of Mediterranean sun per year in which to savour it all — and a green fairy to flirt with. What’s not to like about Antibes?

The Jewel of Andalucia – Vegetarian Living magazine

From its spectacular mudejar architecture, history and culture to the birthplace of both flamenco and that oh-so-civilised food grazing experience tapas, Seville bursts with treasures awaiting discovery.

Gateway to the Lothians – Vegetarian Living magazine

Edinburgh is a city awash with accolades: known as the Athens of the North for its outstanding architecture and its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the culinary capital of Scotland has the largest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK outside London.

48 hours in Paris –                       Beyond travel magazine

To visit Paris is to experience a city that will set every sense tingling. Its essence has been captured in paintings, music and writing and its distinctive artistic heritage, instantly-recognisable icons and impressive architecture means that it’s romantic, dramatic and stylish.

Vive La Revolution Veggie – Eurostar’s Metropolitan magazine

France is well known as a nation of carnivores.  So what is a thriving, popular vegetarian restaurant doing in the middle of Paris?

Flashpacking in New Zealand – International Living Magazine

Kaiteri is a “flashpacking” lodge which will dispel any doubts you ever had about a backpacking holiday (and I was a prime doubter)…

Paris for Vegetarian Valentines Vegetarian Living magazine

A romantic city break in a country noted for its enthusiastic consumption of meat and fish doesn’t need to set the vegetarian pulse to panic mode -candlelit canoodling and moonlit meandering don’t have to be accompanied by the unromantic growling of an empty stomach…..

A Capital Day Out – Vegetarian Living magazine

The madding crowds will be out in force: flags waving, hooters tooting (hopefully there’ll be no vuvuzelas) and TV cameras everywhere. The excitement will be palpable, the atmosphere electric….

Eating Like A Local in Honfleur – International Living magazine

The pretty little historic town of Honfleur is famous for its artisitic heritage with the  Vieux Bassin  (the old port) the centre of activity.  Here, the restaurants that line the harbour offer over-priced and indifferent food, served by bored staff.   Walking just a few hundred yards however will bring you to a completely different experience…..

A Scottish Whisky Trail – International Living magazine

It sounds like an unpronounceable curse, or maybe even a blessing, but in fact uisge beathe is neither:  it’s Scots Gaelic for “the water of lfe”.  That’s whisky to you and me….

Beside The Seaside – Vegetarian Living magazine

Trendy yet traditional, genteel yet gauche, Brighton is unique, defying any attempt to be stereotyped.  This vibrant and energetic coastal city has something for everyone…..


Brighton Permaculture Trust – Vegetarian Living

Sussex Mother, Tinsley Quince and Bossom: these evocatively-named varieties of Sussex apple are just three of many endangered varieties now thriving, thanks to the work of the Brighton Permaculture Trust and its partner organisations.

Veggie Desserts – Vegetarian Living

Award winning food blogger Kate Hackworthy is, by her own admission, ‘obsessed’ with vegetables. In this interview she shares some novel ways of incorporating vegetables into every meal — including breakfast.

Coast magazine: Coast Character

Gemma Early, owner of Worthing’s only vegetarian and vegan café, talks about the joys of seaside living.

Fairer Food Shopping – Vegetarian Living magazine

A brand-new independent ethical supermarket in Brighton is challenging the major supermarkets’ business model. This crowd-funded initiative has also attracted support from local investors, ethical bank Triodos and Gordon Roddick, who co-founded The Body Shop with his late wife Anita.

Shoes Maketh the Man – Vegetarian Living magazine

Robin Webb, founder and director of Brighton’s Vegetarian
Shoes now celebrating its 20th year, smiles broadly as he admits
that he was ‘rubbish’ at school, didn’t master his times tables and hid at the
back of the class whenever possible.

Join Our Club – Vegetarian Living magazine

In just three years, a Sussex organisation with a mission to inspire families to live greener, more sustainable lives has helped to divert almost 32,000 units of waste from landfill into a recycling stream, picking up two Business Matters awards along the way.


Beat The Winter Blues – BT online magazine

Shorter daylight hours and dull, gloomy weather can lead to a host of symptoms including low mood and libido, lack of energy and poor appetite.

Baby Boomers Defy Dementia -Senior Living magazine, Canada

The Baby Boom generation are enjoying a fulfilling, varied and active lifestyle –
and are keen to maintain their health to continue it.

An Allergen Free Home –            Green Parent magazine

Are we harming our children by over-zealous home hygiene?  Should they be in a pristine environment or playing outside in mud and dirt?


Ludlow Food Festival – Vegetarian Living magazine

The town of Ludlow has a growing reputation as a gastronomic capital and its Food and Drink Festival brings togther passionate local producers in a spectacular setting.

Last-minute festive foodie treats – Vegetarian Living magazine

A festive round-up of scrumptious treats or to give as gifts – if you can bear to part with them!

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