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Research: writers’ devil – or delight? Part 2

© Barbara Hopkins

The way we access information and conduct our research has changed dramatically over recent years.  Once we would have headed off to the public library, sourcing information from text books, reports, magazines and journals. Continue reading


Research: writers’ devil – or delight? Part 1

© Barbara Hopkins

Research: the very word sends tingles up and down my spine. It’s simply the sheer thrill of facts to be investigated and discoveries to be made, as well as unearthing those tangents and diversions which can be squirreled away for future use. I’m one of those writers who continues to delve, immersing myself ever deeper – and then has to recognise when to stop.
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Passionate About Paris: January 25th 2012

Musee Jacquemart Andre, Paris

Welcome to a new post in my weekly blog series, Passionate About Paris.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Paris, like me a can’t-get-enough-of-Paris devotee, or perhaps just mildly curious about the City of Light, I hope you’ll find in these posts some ideas to inspire, hints to help and a sense of sharing what’s great about this awesome city. Here’s my round up of tips, info and what’s new this week.

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