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Hurstpierpoint’s historic fair celebrates with sculpture

Sculpture maquette, courtesy Bob Sampson

The Sussex village of Hurstpierpoint will celebrate a very special year in 2013, which will mark the 700th anniversary of the annual St Lawrence Fair. Hurstpierpoint has been celebrating the feast of its patron saint since the 14th century and the fair is one of the oldest in the United Kingdom.

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JMW Turner: The Painter of Light’s links to Sussex

Brighton Pavilion

The artist JMW Turner’s links with Sussex have been further strengthened by the purchase of one of his works depicting Brighton.

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Treasures in your own back yard….

Vegetarian’s Paradise:  you don’t see these two words side by side very often – and as a vegetarian of 21 years standing my interest was
immediately piqued.

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‘But We Do That At Home!’

Exploring a new country and meeting new people, it’s easy to
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Paris: The Love Affair Continues…

“There is nothing truly interesting in the world except Paris…everything else is just scenery”.

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Spilling The Beans

In my posting about Deathtrap (a play where the audience is asked not to reveal the plot outside the theatre), I mentioned that audiences for  The Mousetrap are also asked to maintain a cloak of secrecy, keeping the play fresh for future attendees.

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Deathtrap – The Comedy Thriller Comes Out of the Doldrums

Does the thought of going to the theatre to watch a ‘comedy thriller’ seem less appealing than curling up at home with a mug of cocoa to read the telephone directory?

Reader, stay with me here, I may just be able to change your mind.

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