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Bedtime Stories – Who Gains?

Is reading to our children being lost as a sharing experience? Recent research shows that parents would welcome encouragement in reading to their children, while apparently 44% of parents admit that they don’t read a bedtime story to their offspring.   Surely I’m not alone in feeling dismay at these statistics?

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World Book Night – C’Mon Everybody!

What a truly innovative idea – one of those ‘wish I’d dreamed that one up’ moments.  Never mind that I didn’t and let’s celebrate Jamie Byng’s initiative.  

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Mind The Gap

The debate rages about the library closures and with the wonderful 20/20 vision of hindsight, we should have seen the it coming. Continue reading

Stretching The Boundaries

Channel 4’s refusal to apologise for Frankie Boyle’s sexually offensive comment about Katie Price’s disabled son surely makes them complicit in this piece of abusive material.

It appears that they don’t even want to distance themselves from it, stating that the piece was part of his live act – which presumably makes it OK to air it on national television.

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Conspiracy Theories – The Truth Is Out There

Even those too young to remember the assassination of John F Kennedy will be aware of the sequence of events from archive newsreel footage, repeated regularly on TV.

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Engaging News

The announcement of the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton has produced a level of breathless reporting not seen in quite a while.   Gushing announcements that the ‘whole country’ is absolutely thrilled for them are a little hysterical.

The Royal Family doesn’t enjoy the same forelock-tugging deference as it used to do, and the reasons for that are many and well documented.

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Expect….The Unexpected

What a storm – and I’m not talking about the weather. 

My article on graffiti art, published in Guardian Society on November 10th has, to paraphrase my opening line, ‘provoked comment’.

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