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This lady’s not for turning……

Market © Barbara Hopkins

Market © Barbara Hopkins

A couple of years ago I posted a piece here about being a vegetarian and the assorted reactions I receive to this clearly rather outstanding confession (including the dearth of light bulb moments).  With the topic due for an update, a great article by Maja Dezulovic has spurred me to move the topic to the top of my blog post plan.

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Charity Begins….

Charities are increasingly reliant on volunteers in these cash-strapped times and one organisation that’s making a real difference while helping young people to develop their skills is the charity World Wide Volunteering.

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The Cinnamon Trust: Helping the housebound to keep their pets

What happens when elderly or terminally-ill pet owners are unable to care for their pets?  Heaped on top of their own anxieties are those for their beloved pets: how will the dog have a daily walk, or who will clean out the budgie’s cage?

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I’m no W.C. Fields

It’s time to put my neck on the block again and this time I have a hunch that I’m going to upset a few people. So before I go any further I’d like to state quite categorically that I’m not a child-hater. Continue reading

People-Watching? I’ll Pass, Thanks

Two hours spent restrained in a metal tube delayed from its original purpose of transatlantic travel provided ample scope for something I don’t usually indulge in.

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Baby Boomers – The End Isn’t Nigh

My local council held a ‘Useful Event’ recently.  Fortunately for them I found out about it just after it had finished.

I say fortunately because the title and tone left me speechless with indignation.

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Frankenstein – A Contemporary Tale

Like Victor Frankenstein, I toiled for many months over my creation (although thankfully, mine didn’t involve any corpses). Unlike Victor I had no need to “turn with loathing from my occupation”, although I was “urged on by an eagerness which perpetually increased”. Continue reading