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Passionate About Paris: Eco-Shopping

Eco-tourism and ‘green’ tourism are always in the news; if shopping is on your agenda while in Paris here are some ideas for some seriously green shopping. Stylish clothes, accessories and art can be planet-conscious yet affordable too and those chic Parisiennes wouldn’t shop just anywhere!

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Indelibly imprinted on my subconscious….

Early in the New Year I spent a few days in Seville, which apart from being the most amazing fusion of architectural styles and influences, managed to frequently transport me back to my childhood. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions – or are they Revolutions?

As 2011 wends its weary way towards its close, battered and bruised, bloodied but unbowed, 2012 waits quietly in the wings ready to burst forth – shiny, bright, new and unused.

With every New Year come the resolutions – or as I prefer to call them revolutions – because they keep coming around, revolving around the start of one year, then quietly slipping into anonymity before finding themselves under the glare of the spotlight once more 12 months later.

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Charity Begins….

Charities are increasingly reliant on volunteers in these cash-strapped times and one organisation that’s making a real difference while helping young people to develop their skills is the charity World Wide Volunteering.

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I’m no W.C. Fields

It’s time to put my neck on the block again and this time I have a hunch that I’m going to upset a few people. So before I go any further I’d like to state quite categorically that I’m not a child-hater. Continue reading

People-Watching? I’ll Pass, Thanks

Two hours spent restrained in a metal tube delayed from its original purpose of transatlantic travel provided ample scope for something I don’t usually indulge in.

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Going With The Flow

Another Bank Holiday is upon us and the media has plenty of gloomy predictions of the  ensuing traffic chaos as optimistic Brits hope to get away, especially as half term begins. Continue reading