Worthing Theatre Invitation: Expect the Unexpected!


Jez Rose Picture credit: Alex Healy

Jez Rose
Picture credit: Alex Healy

Worthing’s theatres continue to be part of the new wave when award-winning behaviourist Jez Rose comes to the Connaught on September 26th.

Expect a performance of quick-witted and perceptive observations of human behaviour, delivered in a fast-paced comedy format that’s been called ‘a massage parlour for the mind’.  A memorable evening of audience participation is in store, where Jez can influence an individual’s decisions — and show how we unwittingly give ourselves away.

Jez commented:

“I am fascinated by human behaviour – which is pretty essential if you’re a behaviourist! With Oh, Behave! I wanted to shine the spotlight on some of the quirks of human behaviour we are faced with every day, like how we forget where we put things despite being convinced we thought we knew where they were, or how many people rely so heavily on their intuition, which is often flawed. I suppose the show is part Sherlock and part Derren Brown, but I have been described as the lovechild of Russell Brand and Kenneth Williams so who knows what you can expect! It’ll be fun for sure.”

Is he a behaviour expert, a comedian, a mentalist?  Jez is all these things and more; he is highly sought after in the business community where his behaviour change consultancy works with household names including Vodaphone, Dell and Volkswagen. His unique workshops and keynote presentations offer effective, acclaimed methods to change human behaviour: engaging, motivating and inspiring staff with proven techniques to work better, together.

Originally a student of psychology and human behaviour, Jez’s comedy career took off as he sought to fund his studies while working for the NHS. Fast forward several years and he also makes regular TV and radio appearances as an expert on changing behaviour – and making that change fun.

Jez says:

“I’m so excited about performing in Worthing – I always judge a town by its theatres and ability to have fun because it’s important in life that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.   There’s a great comedy line up including Jo Brand, Dawn French and Jimmy Carr, so Worthing clearly likes to have a good time!”

Blog readers can obtain tickets for the show at a special price of £10.00 per ticket. Simply call the Box Office on 01903 206 206 and mention the offer.

Regional Theatres May Join In Cinema Broadcast Revolution

The Capitol Arts ComplexReaders of my blog will know that I’m a huge fan of the National Theatre’s NT Live project, the groundbreaking idea of transmitting theatre productions live from the London stage to cinemas around this country and beyond.  Last year the Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford on Avon became the latest theatre to join in the technology and London’s Royal Opera House  also has a Live Cinema season.

These projects have created entire new audiences who can experience the thrill of these live productions, which may have previously been denied to them on the grounds of economy, geography, or viability.  The positioning of the cameras changes for each production, but the viewer will always have ‘the best seat in the theatre’ and frequently the audience feels that they are on stage, right  alongside the cast.

Now in a further exciting development, Quantum, the UK’s leading broadcast cinema distributor is launching an initiative to help give regional theatres an edge.

Quantum’s Marc John  says:

“Critical acclaim for high quality regional productions often match London’s theatre output. The advent of transmitting live performances to cinemas, from the capital to the regions, has been perceived by some as a threat to the regional and touring sector. Research suggests otherwise. But, whatever the case, whilst the West End can beam shows out to us, we can also beam shows back.”

Quantum Digital’s groundbreaking programme Regional Live would enable a select number of regional shows to be beamed live to cinemas nationwide.  The invitation to join the programme will be made to a limited number of professional groups, with Quantum covering filming and broadcast costs.

Marc John is already a pioneer of beaming live performances to cinema: back in 2003 he persuaded Sony Music to broadcast a David Bowie concert to cinema audiences worldwide.  Reaching 22 countries it was an instant hit  — I’m certainly looking forward to updates on Marc’s latest venture!

 For the news story in full and contact details go to:  http://www.regionallive.co.uk

In praise of Hot Stones……

Image courtesy of gratuit under Creative Commons Licence

Image courtesy of gratuit under Creative Commons Licence

Hot. Stones. Massage.  The very words conjure up an image of blissful relaxation: a hushed atmosphere, ambient music and delicately fragrant aromatherapy oils to induce a state of calm in both mind and body.  And oh, those hot stones. Teasing out the knots in muscles which have been bullied into doing things they really don’t want to do — or perhaps worse,  denying them the regular movement which they need for optimum performance. Spending too long sitting at a desk in front of a computer is just one example of how it can all go wrong.

If you think of Hot Stones Massage as the luxurious preserve of those with time on their hands to indulge themselves, it may be time to think again.

The benefits of this therapy are gaining widespread recognition for its health-giving benefits — and not just those which result from a more relaxed, less stressed body and mind.

As well as the obvious benefits that muscle relaxation brings to the body and its systems, Hot Stones Massage can increase blood circulation
which in turn opens the chakras (energy channels), encouraging improved physical and emotional health.  The heat from the stones relaxes muscles to allow deep tissue manipulation and other benefits can include pain relief, improved sleep and the release of toxins.

Melanie Oakley is a qualified nurse who combines her in-depth knowledge of the body’s anatomy with her training as a Hot Stones Massage Therapist – and I can certainly vouch for her skills.  I was recommended to Melanie by my chiropractor to supplement treatment on my neck; as a freelance writer I commit the cardinal sin of spending too long sitting at the computer, despite my best intentions to take regular breaks.

The difference in my knotted neck and back after one of Melanie’s treatments is immediately noticeable and I can’t recommend the experience highly enough.  I’m relaxed, re-energised and ready to face the next challenge.  Yes, it’s pampering, it’s me-time, (which can be in very short supply with today’s rushed and hectic lifestyles), but believe me it’s an amazing investment in your health.

Mel is offering readers of this blog a 10% discount on treatments at her home salon (she is also a fully qualified beauty therapist).

Find out more here: http://www.dermalogicaconnect.co.uk/serendipidyskincare


Passionate About Paris: The Musée d’Orsay

Courtesy of The Musée d’Orsay

Pondering on Paris (as I so frequently do)  always leads to a yearning for a stroll through the hallowed halls of the Musée d’Orsay – one of my favourite art museums.  So why is it so special?

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Passionate About Paris: Meandering in the food markets

Food shopping in Paris really is memorable (for all the right reasons).  ‘But I’m on holiday’, I hear you cry.  Stay with me reader, I may just be able to convert you to the utter delights which await in Parisian street markets — as well as department store food halls.

The market is open!

The market is open!

Whether my recent blog post is tempting you to the delights of an apartment holiday, or you’re pondering a picnic, or maybe you just want to rub shoulders with Parisians and listen to the banter, a Parisian market is a true feast for the senses.

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Passionate About Paris: loving a locavore life

Boulangerie © Barbara Hopkins

Boulangerie © Barbara Hopkins

Paris is deservedly topping several lists of ‘Cities to visit in 2014’ and many visitors will be wondering where to stay (always a major budgetary consideration).

For me, self catering wins hands down every time.  In my experience reasonably priced, centrally located hotel rooms are usually the size of a shoe box, whereas an apartment offers freedom, space — and the opportunity to be a locavore.

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Passionate About Paris

Love Locks, Paris © Barbara Hopkins

Love Locks, Paris © Barbara Hopkins

It’s a truth universally acknowledged (by those who know me, at least) that I’m Passionate About Paris.  I make no secret of my adulation and the prospect of a  visit fills me with excitement and expectation – both in terms of revisiting favourite haunts as well as discovering new ones.

So I’m more than a little thrilled that one of my favourite cities appears on lists of top cities to visit in 2014.

For anyone planning a visit, do take a look at my feature ’48 Hours in Paris’ here, or at other information, both in my publication record as well as blog posts under ‘Passionate About Paris’.

Bon voyage!