Worthing Theatre Invitation: Expect the Unexpected!


Jez Rose Picture credit: Alex Healy

Jez Rose
Picture credit: Alex Healy

Worthing’s theatres continue to be part of the new wave when award-winning behaviourist Jez Rose comes to the Connaught on September 26th.

Expect a performance of quick-witted and perceptive observations of human behaviour, delivered in a fast-paced comedy format that’s been called ‘a massage parlour for the mind’.  A memorable evening of audience participation is in store, where Jez can influence an individual’s decisions — and show how we unwittingly give ourselves away.

Jez commented:

“I am fascinated by human behaviour – which is pretty essential if you’re a behaviourist! With Oh, Behave! I wanted to shine the spotlight on some of the quirks of human behaviour we are faced with every day, like how we forget where we put things despite being convinced we thought we knew where they were, or how many people rely so heavily on their intuition, which is often flawed. I suppose the show is part Sherlock and part Derren Brown, but I have been described as the lovechild of Russell Brand and Kenneth Williams so who knows what you can expect! It’ll be fun for sure.”

Is he a behaviour expert, a comedian, a mentalist?  Jez is all these things and more; he is highly sought after in the business community where his behaviour change consultancy works with household names including Vodaphone, Dell and Volkswagen. His unique workshops and keynote presentations offer effective, acclaimed methods to change human behaviour: engaging, motivating and inspiring staff with proven techniques to work better, together.

Originally a student of psychology and human behaviour, Jez’s comedy career took off as he sought to fund his studies while working for the NHS. Fast forward several years and he also makes regular TV and radio appearances as an expert on changing behaviour – and making that change fun.

Jez says:

“I’m so excited about performing in Worthing – I always judge a town by its theatres and ability to have fun because it’s important in life that we don’t take ourselves too seriously.   There’s a great comedy line up including Jo Brand, Dawn French and Jimmy Carr, so Worthing clearly likes to have a good time!”

Blog readers can obtain tickets for the show at a special price of £10.00 per ticket. Simply call the Box Office on 01903 206 206 and mention the offer.

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