The best laid schemes (as John Steinbeck would say)….

Courtesy of epicbeer under Flickr Creative Commons

Courtesy of epicbeer under Flickr Creative Commons

So the blog was dusted down, brought out of hibernation and some rather fetching plans hatched for it.  Then…..

Here’s a First World Woe for sure:  I’ve had no broadband for a week.  It is of course a particular Freelance Woe too.  Suddenly all plans ground to a halt and my self-employed earning capacity rug was — albeit temporarily — whipped from beneath my feet.

No matter how often I reminded myself that far, far worse has happened on a personal level — and that on a global scale this is very small beans indeed, a nagging irritation and frustration persisted at the cussedness of the scenario. Long hours spent dangling on the (thankfully working) phone while some bloke cheerfully repeated that it would take 30 minutes to answer my call did nothing to dispel my ire.

My transfer from one Internet Service Provider to another (a situation not of my choosing) was fraught from the word go, culminating in a complete loss of broadband for seven days.  At least the later days had some element of productivity while I waited for the BT engineer without being welded to the phone.  Suddenly all the boring filing and sorting jobs seemed quite appealing in the name of ‘being productive’.

My smartphone of course sulked in complete sympathy, only springing into life when I lurked in a motorway services car park for the sole purpose of catching up on e-mails.   No matter how accommodating neighbours, family and friends are, it’s easy to become something of a cuckoo in their nest as you chase a signal.

The engineer duly arrived and undertook his part of the repair only for the Wi-Fi router to go into a blue funk, necessitating an extremely lengthy phone call to the new provider to coax it into a better mood.

At last all is seemingly well and normal service, as they say, is being resumed.


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