It’s not ‘goodbye’ — just ‘au revoir’

© Barbara Hopkins

‘Startled’ isn’t my default emotion, but I must to confess to the somewhat startled realisation that this blog has been up and running for two whole years.

Gaining confidence as I launched my writing career, my posts have ranged rather eclectically across topics including Travel, The Arts, Literature, Society, Food and Vegetarianism. I’ve reflected on being a recovering Catholic and New Year resolutions as well as posting some rants about attitudes to the over 50s, plot spoilers and toddlers in art galleries. Regular blog posts have been written on the topic of my favourite city — Paris — sharing my enduring passion for it under the tag ‘Passionate About Paris’.

I’ve loved writing the posts, sharing thoughts and experiences and, it must be said, having a platform for those occasional rants.  Many have been kind enough to read, comment (positively!) and follow. It has to be said that writing about Paris on a weekly basis does nothing for my persistent urge to leap onboard the next train bound for the City of Light.

But, ‘the time has come’ as the Walrus said and talk of many things includes a review of the blog in conjunction with my current working commitments. New projects and commissions mean that I have less time to devote to blog posts and so with some sadness but a lot of excitement the blog is being put into temporary hibernation.

It won’t all come to a complete halt, of course; there will be occasional posts and my publication record will be updated. Do please stop by and take a look from time to time and to those who have already been doing so, a thousand thanks.

It’s not goodbye then, but simply ‘au revoir’: see you later!




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