New Year’s Resolutions – or are they Revolutions?

As 2011 wends its weary way towards its close, battered and bruised, bloodied but unbowed, 2012 waits quietly in the wings ready to burst forth – shiny, bright, new and unused.

With every New Year come the resolutions – or as I prefer to call them revolutions – because they keep coming around, revolving around the start of one year, then quietly slipping into anonymity before finding themselves under the glare of the spotlight once more 12 months later.

New Year’s Resolutions are only really good news for many business sectors (think all those gym memberships, their entry cards gathering dust by February).  Self improvement books, quit-smoking schemes, the list goes on.

January 1st seems like the ideal time to make new (or even old) promises to yourself and align new habits to the start of a shiny new year, especially if any resolutions involve anything to do with food, drink or fitness.  After the excesses of Christmas, it seems like the natural sequence of events and at that time, easy to accomplish.

The trouble is that whatever the resolution, the New Year becomes loaded with expectations:  I’ll be Slimmer! Fitter!  More assertive with the dreadful Mrs Coggins from Accounts!  If we falter at the first hurdle, the weight of expectation that we’ve heaped upon ourselves crushes all those visions of the new and improved self.

So I’ve decided to break down my self-improvement resolutions into manageable little bite-sized pieces (pardon the food analogy, it just couldn’t be helped).

Instead of loading everything onto one day, January 1st, I’m going to spread them out across the year.  Maybe I’ll have a new bite-sized piece on the 1st of every month.  Hopefully I won’t be crushed under the weight of self-expectation by May.

Who knows, that shiny sense of optimism, renewable on the 1st of every month could be a real revolution, revelation and resolution.

Whatever your hopes and dreams for the year ahead, here’s wishing us all a peaceful, healthy and contented one.

This article was published in The Sussex Newspaper on 30th December 2011



2 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions – or are they Revolutions?

  1. This is a bit of genius.

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