‘But We Do That At Home!’

Exploring a new country and meeting new people, it’s easy to
by-pass an activity or experience ‘because we do that at home’  – and that’s where we almost made a big mistake.

The tiny village of Victoria-By-The-Sea on Canada’s Prince Edward Island (winter population 75) is home to a theatre voted into being by the community to contribute to its social and economic vitality.  This Victoria Community Hall is designated an Historic Place on the Canadian Register and is at the heart of their community (quite literally, as it’s in the exact centre of the town).

The Victoria Playhouse Company is celebrating its 30th year and emphasises contemporary Canadian plays; Douglas Bowie’s acclaimed farce “Till It Hurts” was being performed at the time of our visit.

We’re lucky enough to go to the theatre fairly regularly, so were drawn to it, but it would have been just as easy to stay away on the grounds that ‘we do that at home’.

Luckily for us we went along – and had a superb evening not
only of incredible theatre, but of being welcomed into, as well as supporting
the local community.

Centred on a scrooge-like English professor pitted against the immovable force of an enthusiastic fundraiser, the play hilariously raised the question: should charity begin at home?  Pitch-perfect performances from the cast made
for a hugely entertaining evening.

For those few hours we enjoyed a wholly different theatrical
– and community – experience which will lodge in the memory when the details of the plot have long been forgotten – and which might quite easily have been missed.


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