The Happiest Day of Your Life?

The Royal Wedding isn’t top of my list of Matters For Attention.  Apparently news of it is everywhere, so I must have grown both blinkers and ear defenders, which my loved ones have tactfully pretended not to notice.

I did manage to spot the bunting and celebratory tins of biscuits in my local supermarket yesterday, so perhaps I’m becoming attuned to the event. What has caught my attention though, is the terrifying bridezilla phenomenon.

It seems that as soon as some hapless groom-to-be pops the question, their new fiancee’s inner control freak bursts to the fore. The wedding rapidly turns into a military operation of such complexity that planning for nuptials on the scale of William and Kate’s look like a stroll in the park.

Bridezilla’s preoccupation is characterised by obsessive attention to increasingly complex arrangements for The Big Day. Sobbing and temper tantrums (I’ve been planning this since I was a little girl’) become an alarmingly regular feature of life for the groompy (grumpy groom) and everyone else who is remotely connected with the event.

Marriage, home and children aren’t the only options open to contemporary women, so I rather thought that planning a wedding since girlhood had slipped into obscurity. I wonder what the suffragettes would make of that?

Perhaps I’m even more horrified because my own nuptials were (by joint decision) a quiet affair with a resolute determination to avoid any kind of circus, meringue dress, speeches, cake or hoop-la of any sort.

Having lived together for some time (a bit unusual but not unknown ‘back then’) we simply wanted to make our commitment to each other with our families present, go out for a slap- up lunch and push off on honeymoon.

Fast forward a number of years and that decision hasn’t produced a solitary pang of regret on either side.  There was no stress on the day as there was so little that could go wrong and the run-up to it allowed us to focus on the significance of the day.  It was the celebration of a new chapter in our life together and no less meaningful because of its simplicity. 

All of which leads me to wonder if the primary reason for the wedding escapes the notice of bridezilla. I suspect it gets mislaid under the layers of meringue, but more than that I pity the groom….


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