Spilling The Beans

In my posting about Deathtrap (a play where the audience is asked not to reveal the plot outside the theatre), I mentioned that audiences for  The Mousetrap are also asked to maintain a cloak of secrecy, keeping the play fresh for future attendees.

Sadly, someone has spilt the beans on the longest running play in the West End.

Not only has the The Mousetrap had its beans spilt, the entire plot has been unravelled.

To add to the party pooper atmosphere, no spoiler warning was issued. Even football commentators suggest that you ‘look away now’ if you don’t want to know the final score.

The situation has been compounded by a widely distributed publication identifying the spoilers (in fairness, they haven’t given away the plot too), although it’s surely academic by now.

I’m not going to add to the spoiler spirit by revealing these sources, as, optimistically, there may yet be a theatre-goer who doesn’t know The Mousetrap’s outcome, although they probably live on the far side of the planet.

What’s wrong with a bit of theatrical  mystery and intrigue?  Let’s hope the same fate doesn’t befall Deathtrap.


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