Vegetarians – know your place (it’s on the outside)

 When will the majority of eating establishments realise that with rising numbers of the population becoming vegetarian – and even omnivores enjoying a flesh- free meal now and again – that the token one vegetarian offering on the menu simply isn’t acceptable.

Imagine the uproar if those of the meat-and fish-eating persuasion were only offered one choice. Worse still can be staying at a hotel or B & B for more than one night. Cue looks of incredulity when you have the temerity to suggest that no, you wouldn’t like to eat the same meal two (or more) nights running. I’ve taken to asking on booking if there will be a different option on the second night. If I’m assured that there will be, they get the business but even then the reality can be quite different. Vegetarians, come out of the corner!  Why are we marginalised in such a fashion?

With greater numbers of the population suffering from food related allergies or intolerances (for which I have every sympathy),why are many restaurants, pubs and cafes still slow to catch on that meat and fish aren’t the only options?

Heaven knows, I’m not hard to please.

The only thing I really object to is peppers on the – I think – quite reasonable grounds that they object to me. If stuffed peppers are the token menu offering, then I’m, well, stuffed. For purely ethical and moral reasons I’ve chosen to eat no meat or fish for the last 20 years. Is that so hard to understand?

There are a (very) few eateries whose response is ‘sure, chef will make you something, what would you like?’ who, once I’ve recovered from the faint their response has induced, have earned my undying gratitude and repeat business. Sadly these are few and far between. I’m not asking for anything complicated, although I do take exception to being offered an omelette – I can whip that up in 5 minutes at home. Pasta, vegetables and cheese, for example feature on most menus somewhere. Hello there – how about combining them for a tasty vegetarian bake?  This vegetarian would be delighted.

All it takes is a very small amount of imagination…..


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