I’m Barbara and I write features and articles, as well as producing business editorial and online consumer content.

My features have been published in a wide range of newspapers and magazines both here in the UK and overseas, including the USA and Canada.  UK titles include The Guardian, Vegetarian Living, Green Parent and Metropolitan (Eurostar’s magazine).

Are you looking for clear, concise and flawless business editorial content? Do get in touch. I write across diverse sectors from education to renewable energy suppliers via lifestyle, health and beauty. Ongoing projects for clients include writing successful award entries, blog posts, web articles,press releases and newsletters.  I also offer editing and re-writing of website content as well as proofreading, from small projects to a novel.

I love to write about my passions which include  independent travel, (I’m especially passionate about Paris), the Arts, alternative health and remedies and vegetarianism, but relish the challenge of researching new topics, (or casting a fresh light on old ones).

I’d be delighted to write, edit or proofread for you – please see my Contact page and get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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